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Ⅳ. Application Requirements

1. Educational requirements

(1) Students who apply for undergraduate major should have a diploma equivalent to Chinese high school graduation certificate ;

(2) Students who apply for master's degree should have a degree equivalent to a Chinese Bachelor's degree;

2. Language requirements

(1) For Bachelor's and Master's degrees, Chinese is the teaching language.

(2) Students applying for undergraduate study should generally pass the Chinese Language Proficiency Test (HSK) level before admission, namely the original Chinese Language Proficiency Test Level 5 (HSK5) or the International Chinese Language Proficiency Standard Level 4 (HSK4). Those who have not attained the above level of Chinese Proficiency Test (HSK) shall first attend preparatory courses for one year after admission, and the school shall organize a Chinese proficiency training. After the training, those who have passed the HSK examination will be officially enrolled in the relevant major. Upon graduation, undergraduate students should have attained level 5 (HSK5) of the International Chinese Language Proficiency Standard.

(3) Students applying for master's degree should reach level 5 (HSK5) of the International Chinese Language Proficiency Standard before admission.

3. Other requirements

Applicants should be at least 18 years old, be in good health with no bad record, and meet the requirements for admission to the relevant major. The applicants should not be over 28 years old for undergraduate study and 40 years old for postgraduate study.


Ⅴ. Fees

1. Tuition fee

(1) Undergraduate: 20,000 RMB/year;

(2) Postgraduate: 30,000 RMB/year;

(3) Language preparatory students: 13,000 RMB/year.

2. Accommodation fee

Double room: 1200 RMB/year.

3. Insurance: It shall be handled according to relevant national regulations (it must be purchased before enrollment).

4. The fees for teaching materials, medical treatment, transportation, living expenses and visa shall be paid by themselves.

(Note: 1. All fees shall be paid in RMB. 2. Tuition fee should be paid before the beginning of each semester or class)


Ⅵ. Scholarship

(1) Anhui Provincial Government Scholarship

All long-term international students who apply to study in our College will have the opportunity to win the Anhui Foreign Student Scholarship set up by the Anhui Provincial government. The scholarship will be RMB 30,000 per postgraduate and RMB 20,000 per undergraduate each year.

Deadline for scholarship application for Foreign Students in Anhui Province: May 31 of each year.

(2) Individual scholarship

Outstanding international students (academic students or non-academic students) studying in our school have the opportunity to win the single scholarship set up by our school, and the corresponding amount of reward will be given to the students.

Application date of Single Outstanding Scholarship: according to the school notice.

(3) On-campus work-study and research assistant positions

All international students (6 months or more) have the opportunity to apply for on-campus work-study positions or graduate assistance from professors.


Ⅶ. Application procedures

1. Each year from January to August is the registration period; September is the month of enrollment;

2. Application materials (by mail, fax or E-mail to the Foreign Affairs Office of our College) :

(1) Application Form for International Students of Wannan Medical College;

        (2) The notarized certificate of the highest academic qualification, if the applicant is a student, he/she should also submit the study certificate issued by the school he/she is studying in (certificate in other than Chinese and English should be accompanied by a notarized Chinese or English translation);

        (3) Notarized transcripts of academic record (non-Chinese and non-English record must be accompanied by notarized Chinese or English translations);

        (4) Recommendation letter (only for students applying for master's degree, the recommendation letters should be from two professors or associate professors and signed and sealed by the school);

(5) Copy of passport;

(6) Students who apply to study for undergraduate or master’s degree in our school should provide proof of their HSK score. Applicants with no Chinese foundation should take 1-2 years of Chinese language tutoring;

(7) The copy of Foreigner Physical Examination Form should be filled out in English and the original should be taken when you come to China;

(8) Non-criminal record within six months provided by the local police department;

(9) Bank deposit certificate (equivalent to at least RMB 50,000 yuan);

(10) Proof of guardian identity for applicants under the age of 18;

(11) Eight identification photos taken recently (the same size as passport photos);

(12) Other materials: published articles and achievements, various award certificates, and supporting materials.

(Note: Translation in Chinese or English is required for non-Chinese or English materials)


. Enrollment and Registration

1. The College shall accept the applicants uniformly, and send JW202 Visa Application Form and International Student Admission Notice to the applicants. The student who has been admitted will apply for the Study (X1) visa at the Embassy of China with the above two documents.

2. Registration: Please register according to the date stipulated in the International Student Admission Notice. Two weeks overdue will be deemed as automatic waiver of admission.


. Contact information

Address: Foreign Affairs Office, Wannan Medical College, No. 22 Wenchang West Road, Yijiang District, Wuhu city, Anhui Province, P.R. China. 241002

Tel: 86-553-3932053

Fax: 86-553-3932589