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Wannan Medial College Interim Measure for International Student Scholarship Assessment and Administration

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Chapter One General Provisions

Article 1 In order to attract more excellent foreign students to study in China and encourage international students to study hard by creating a favorable international study environment so as to promote a sound development of the international education, on the basis of Study in Anhui Plan and Interim Measures for Foreign Student Scholarship Management in Anhui Province and according to the reality of school, this interim measure is formulated.


Article 2 The Administration Committee for International Student Scholarship (hereinafter referred to as the Committee) shall be set up with the president in charge of foreign affairs as Director and the principal persons-in-charge of Academic Affairs Office, Student Affairs Office, Foreign Affairs Office, School of Graduate, Finance Department and other relevant schools as Members. The Committee has an office in the Foreign Affairs Office, which is responsible for dealing with the daily work of the Committee.


Article 3  In line with the principle of Openness, Transparency and Justice, the assessment of international student scholarship will reward foreign students who are friendly to China, have excellent academic performance and moral character, including undergraduates and postgraduates receiving academic education.

Chapter Two Category and Standard of Scholarship

Article 4 The International Student Scholarship of our school includes Anhui Foreign Student Scholarship and College-level Individual Scholarship.


Article 5  Category, Standard and Quota

(1) Anhui Foreign Student Scholarship 

Undergraduate: 20000yuan/year per person

Postgraduate: 30000yuan/year per person

(2) College-level Individual Scholarship

For international students receiving academic education who have excellent academic performance or win an award in the discipline and skill competitions , the college will give corresponding amount of awards to the students according to relevant standards.


Article 6 Anhui Foreign Student Scholarship and College-level Individual Scholarshipcan be applied for at the same time.


Chapter Three  Application Requirements and Materials

Article 7 The application requirements of Anhui Foreign Student Scholarshipshall be implemented in accordance with the Interim Measures for Foreign Student Scholarship Management in Anhui Province. The scholarship shall be assessed once a year and the quota shall be allocated by the Department of Education of Anhui Province.


Article 8 The application requirements are as follows:

(1) International students who are friendly to China and registered in our college with foreign nationality, ordinary foreign passport and valid visa.

(2) The applicant should have corresponding Chinese language level and provide certificates. The applicant shall meet the corresponding level of The International Chinese Language Proficiency Standard, with the applicant for undergraduate study meet Level 4 and postgraduate study meet Level 5.

(3) Applicant for undergraduate study must have a diploma equivalent to the graduation of senior high school and be under the age of 28. Applicant for postgraduate study must have a bachelors degree and be under the age of 40.

(4) Having a good performance without the violation of school rules and regulations in the campus. No violation of Chinese laws and regulations out of the campus.


Article 9 Application Materials

Applicants should submit their applications and relevant supporting documents to Foreign Affairs Office before the deadline for scholarship application and ensure the authenticity of the documents. Application materials will not be returned, including:

1. Application Form for Scholarship for Foreign Students in Anhui Province;

2. Copy of personal passport;

3. Copies of the highest education background diploma certificates(the original is for reference);

4. Academic transcript and performance certificate;

5. Other materials to be provided.


Article 10 The application conditions for College-level scholarship for Foreign Students shall be formulated separately. The scholarship quota shall be assessed and determined according to specific conditions once a year.


Chapter IV  Assessment and Administration

Article 11 The Scholarship for Foreign Students in Anhui Province shall be implemented in accordance with the Interim Measures for Foreign Student Scholarship Management in Anhui Province.


Article 12 The Office of Anhui Provincial Foreign Students Scholarship shall make a preliminary examination of the applicant's qualification every year and submit it to the Committee for assessment, then to the dean's office for approval. The list of students applying for the scholarship shall be determined and published for 5 working days.


Article 13 The assessment and administration of College-level Scholarship for foreign Students shall be assessment and set up separately.


Article 14  Time Arrangement

The deadline for application of Anhui Foreign Student Scholarship is May 31 of each year.

The deadline for application of College-level Scholarship for Foreign Students is August 30 of each year.


Article 15 Under any of the following circumstances, the qualification for the scholarship in the current year shall be cancelled:

1. Being disciplined or punished for violating Chinese laws and regulations or school rules and regulations;

2. Does not cooperate with the school to complete the scholarship assessment and evaluation;

3. Quit school for various reasons;

4. Unable to study normally due to serious physical or mental illness;

5. Spreading words that are not friendly to China and perform an act that is not friendly to China;

6. Participating in activities organized by illegal societies, unlawful assembly, association or missionary work.


Chapter V Scholarship Distribution

Article 16 The Office of the Committee shall, on the basis of the results of scholarship assessment, distribute scholarships for international students in time.


Article 17 Scholarships of all kinds may be set off against tuition fees, accommodation fees, etc.


Chapter VI Supplementary Provisions 

Article 18 This Measure shall come into force as of the date of release and be interpreted by the Foreign Affairs Office.