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Interim Provisions on the Administration of International Student Apartment of Wannan Medical College

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International student apartment is an important place for international students to study and live in campus. These Provisions are formulated to strengthen the management of international students’ daily life and create a safe, civilized, hygienic and comfortable learning and living environment.

Chapter One Accommodation Regulations

Article 1 All international students registered in our college must live in the International Student Apartment of our college.

Article 2 The accommodation fee during the period of study shall be collected or exempted in accordance with the provisions of enrollment. The accommodation fee shall be determined in accordance with international student enrollment requirements.

Article 3 Before moving in, students should check the goods in the room and compare them with the List of Goods in the International Student Apartment provided by the property management company.  They should sign on the List after confirming the goods are consistent with the list with management personnel of international students sign as the witness. In case of any damage or loss during use, compensation shall be paid according to the price.

Article 4 International students shall live in the rooms designated by the Foreign Affairs Office and shall not change rooms privately. In case of adjustment under special circumstances, the student himself/herself shall submit a written application to the Foreign Affairs Office. After the approval of the Foreign Affairs Office, the logistics Department shall arrange the property management to change the dormitory.

Article 5 The accommodation allocated is only for international students to live in, and no beds can be transferred or subleased. Students are not allowed to make or lend keys to others. The property management company will keep the spare key of the student dormitory, but it is not allowed to enter the dormitory without permission. If the staff of property management company needs to enter the dormitory, he/she must obtain the consent of the student himself or the Foreign Affairs Office and the student counselor and can only enter the dormitory with the companion of at least one faculty from Foreign Affairs Office or the student counselor.

Article 6 Students are not allowed to lodge outsiders in their rooms without permission.

Article 7 Students shall not enter other rooms without permission. It is not allowed to move, change or occupy more household equipment without permission. Public facilities in rooms shall not be dismantled or altered without permission. It is not allowed to paint on indoor or outdoor walls. It is not allowed to add large furniture equipment or occupy other people's living space without permission.

Article 8 Gambling, drinking, taking drugs, stealing, fighting and other behaviors in violation of Chinese laws and school disciplines are strictly prohibited in the apartment. Inflammable, explosive, poisonous, radioactive and other dangerous articles or obscene articles are strictly prohibited from entering the apartment. Selling, pyramid selling or other business activities in the apartment are strictly prohibited; It is prohibited to light or burn anything in the apartment.

Article 9 The International Student Apartment closes at 23:00 every night. Students are not allowed to come back later than 23:00 and are not allowed to stay out at will. Any late return to the apartment due to special reasons shall be registered with the apartment administrator before entering.

Article 10 Students who leave school for going back to home countries, traveling abroad, visiting relatives and friends, etc., must go through the formalities of asking for leave and at the same time go through the registration formalities at the apartment administrator.

Chapter Two Provisions on the administration of electricity consumption

Article 11 When students use the kitchen, bath, heating and other electrical facilities in the apartment, they must strictly follow the operation instructions and use them in a safe and economical way. Cut off the power when there is no one in the room to avoid fire.

Article 12 If the water, electricity, air conditioning and furniture in the apartment room need to be repaired, please report to the apartment administrator for repair. If the student is not in the dormitory for home repair, the repairer can only enter the dormitory after obtaining the student’s consent or be accompanied by relevant people. It is strictly forbidden for students to dismantle and repair without permission.

Article 13 In case of fire and other accidents caused by violation of the above provisions, the person who is responsible shall bear corresponding responsibilities and compensate for all losses. In case of serious consequences, the case shall be dealt with in accordance with relevant administrative regulations for international students.

Chapter Three Visitor Reception System

Article 14 Visitor registration system shall be implemented in international student apartments. Visitors must show their ID card, student ID card or other valid credentials to the apartment manager and complete the registration procedures before entering the International Student Apartment.

Article 15 In principle, students shall not receive visitors during class hours.

Article 16 The International Student Apartment will not receive visitors after 23:00 every night.

Chapter Four Other provisions

Article 17 Students should abide by the code of ethics, develop civilized habits, and consciously keep the inside and outside of the apartment building clean and beautiful. They are not allowed to park bicycles in the apartment building, smoke in the apartment building, throw objects out of the building, and keep pets in the apartment building.

Article 18 Consciously maintain the cleanliness of public kitchens and living rooms, and save water.

Article 19 Consciously keep the apartment quiet, and do not engage in activities that affect others’ study and rest, such as making loud noises or playing music loudly in the apartment.

Article 20 Take good care of the equipment and facilities in the apartment. It is strictly prohibited to move or damage the fire extinguishers and other fire control equipment in the apartment without permission.

Article 21 Upon leaving school after the expiration of the period of study, students shall return the room key to the apartment manager and check the facilities in the room to ensure that they are in good condition. Damage to facilities caused by improper use shall be compensated according to the price.

Article 22 Students shall earnestly cooperate with the civilized health and safety inspection organized by the school, and actively make corrections as required.

Article 23 If a student leaves the school for more than one month without going through the leave formalities, the school shall have the right to clear his/her room and bed.

Chapter Five The supplementary provisions

Article 24 Before moving into the apartment, all international students shall sign the International Student Apartment Accommodation Agreement with the college and promise to abide by the articles of these Provisions. Those who violate the regulations shall be punished according to the seriousness of the circumstances and held accountable. If especially serious consequences are caused, the case shall be handed over to the public security department for disposal.

Article 25 These Provisions shall come into effect as of the date of release and shall be interpreted by the Foreign Affairs Office.